About Us

During the 2016 election I noticed a problem.

The majority of news organizations in Oklahoma, simply put, focus on Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and national news. Of course they’ll talk about some horrific crime committed in the more rural areas of the state, but by and large unless there’s something big going on for a fluff piece, we get ignored.

Likewise, nearly all mainstream news outlets are very left-wing, even here in the only state to have zero blue counties in two presidential election cycles.

Birch Tree News is an experiment in combining local, county level reporting, and national reporting. We will be covering local events and politics that affect our home, Kay County in Oklahoma, as well as things on the state, national and international level that are of interest or impact to the people of this county. Likewise, we will be bringing our local politicians, issues and activities to a larger audience. The hope is we can serve as an inspiration for others to start their own alternative, locally focused media.

We’re not Oklahoma City or Tulsa News that only cares about Kay County when something big happens here, we’re for Kay County people and Kay County interests.

Birch Tree News is part of the New Media. We are pro-Liberty and anti-Authoritarian. Birch Tree News is also a staunchly Right-wing news outlet.

Feel free to drop us a line at newsworthy@wnjok.com if you have information on something that people need to know about. If you have suggestions for the site, or want to write a guest article, drop us a line at editor@wnjok.com.

You can also find us at our Facebook group.