Conservatism and Immigration Reform are Incompatible

I subscribe to a local organization called the Sooner Tea Party (yes, they don’t appear to have managed even a basic website, just an archive) because they often talk about issues and events that I don’t hear about otherwise. But once in a while, they provide amazing gems of Conservative leftwing nonsense like this month’s edition. Quote:

“The John Birch Society has tagged former two term Oklahoma State Rep Dan Fisher to be their candidate in the 2018 Gubernatorial race. Fisher is a favorite at John Birch Society events and while he has an excellent Oklahoma RINO Index score for his two terms as state rep his close ties to the John Birch Society are especially troublesome.

The Birchers’, as they are known, have a long history of controversy including racism, extremism, and are counted as a fringe group upon the far right. While outright racist opinions from the group itself are generally difficult to document they did oppose the 1964 Civil Rights Act by calling it a communist plot to destroy America.”

That’s what I’m talking about, right there. The 1964 Civil Rights Act WAS a Communist plot to destroy America, and it has worked BEAUTIFULLY because Conservatives will do anything, including demographic suicide, to avoid being called racist. They marginalize and exclude people to the right of themselves as racists and crazies. Also, “we know they’re evil racists, even if we can’t prove it.” Would I be out of line to point out that American Blacks are the hardest hit by low skill immigration?
Fisher has a good rating on the RINO index, meaning he actually supports rightwing positions, but he’s an evil racist so no thanks, we’ll settle for another Mary Fallin because at least she’s not a racist that puts Oklahomans first.

“In general most conservative Republicans will find common cause with many Bircher positions but what offends many is their top down leadership, with the local chapters getting control and direction from the National John Birch Society leadership. That in itself is somewhat communistic. For us the biggest problem is wondering what candidate Fisher might say and if it is his position or the John Birch Society’s position.

When the Sooner Tea Party was formed the Bircher’s leadership tried hard to infiltrate and caused a lot of division and problems. The grassroots members of the Birchers’ were generally helpful and decent folks but the leadership was toxic and troublesome. Generally candidates won’t express public support for the Birchers’ or let it be known that they are receiving support and direction from the John Birch Society. Many STP members outright rejected any involvement in Birchers’ organizations or goals to avoid being tainted as ultra right or racist even if the group hadn’t been positively shown to be racist, the feeling was to keep the Birchers’ at a distance and it proved to be a wise decision.”

Better to stay away just in case the stink of being rightwing happens to waft our way. So brave, so noble. And communistic? For having an organization that has standards and leaders? I presume none of these people go to church, lest they be called out for their hypocrisy.

“For those reasons it is amazing that Dan Fisher has publicly associated and received support from the John Birch Society yet is intending to file for statewide office with all the baggage he carries by association with the group. Not a good idea for conservatives to support this guy.”

The reason is because there are many fewer Conservatives like this gentleman, and far more Alt Right, this time around. The ‘extremist’ view of ‘this is our nation and we should have a say in who comes here’ is growing DESPITE this kind of Conservative ‘help’. Trump and the Alt Right broke through the racist stigma around putting your nation and people first.
So thanks, Sooner Tea Party, for letting me know who I am probably going to support this election cycle. If everything you say is true, I would love to have that kind of ‘racist rightwing extremist’ in charge of our state.
Oklahoma for Oklahomans.
Edit: I can’t find any evidence of the John Birch Society endorsing candidates.

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