Why I am not a Conservative

This is a great example of why people on the new right don’t find conservatism convincing.

Mitt Romney, Conservative candidate for president, is defending Antifa.

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And mainstream conservatives are distancing themselves from Charlottesville like crazy. Most of them are equating a peaceful protest by ‘white supremacists and Nazis’ with the actual violence of the Left. Simply holding those positions makes them culpable for other people showing up and causing death and injury to mainstream conservatives. Conservatives are using the language of the Left in describing what happened, referring to the peaceful protestors by whatever vile name the Left is using.

This is why the new right has nothing to do with conservatism. There is no center position anymore, no moral middle ground. Those professing to be a moral middle ground voice always end up shooting their allies. That’s how we got here. The Left embraces their radicals, which means Conservatives will always be on the defensive. Every conservative will have to choose a side soon: Fight for Western Civilization, whatever horrors of public image or reputation that requires, or…

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All the founders put their fortune and their reputation, even their lives on the line for this country.  Many died in poverty for their role. Conservatives are afraid to be called names by their violent enemies on TV, or stand up for people who are willing to do so.

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