Alt-Musings I

Something I got to thinking about today; you know what happened while I was in college? 9/11.

Never Forget.

The most devastating attack on American soil since pearl harbor. To my recollection, they didn’t cancel school for a week, or provide coloring books and playdough. We all mourned and worried on our own time.

9/11 was 15 years ago. So sometime between now and 15 years ago, we have come to this. Actually, it’s largely been the last 8 years. What happened 8 years ago? Right.

Under the most totalitarian Leftwing government we have ever had (and I include Ryan and his Cuckservative Rubberstamp Brigade in this) we went from a nation of reasonably well-adjusted people with left-leaning tendencies to screaming and crying because OMG WE LITERALLY ELECTED HITLER YOU GUYS.

But you wanna know who is just as to blame? The right. How is it their fault? Because they threw aside their God and their principles in order to get along. They proved themselves just as untrustworthy with power by implementing some of the most draconian policies, like the Orwellian “Patriot Act”, in the name of saving freedom.

When the left tried to make a gain, the right put up no resistance. None. The American political right is subordinate to the political left. The left sets the terms of discourse, the left determines what is and is not acceptable speech. The left decides who wins and loses. If you say something that the left calls racist or sexist, you lose. The right will abandon and shun you for offending the people we are supposed to be fighting.

The left labeled every Republican candidate the next Hitler, mocked and ridiculed and lied about us constantly, broke many laws without consequence, stole from us, and worked arm in arm with the right to destroy America in order to line their pocketbooks from ruinous trade agreements.

But see, unbeknownst to the Boomer generation of ‘conservatives’ that are now defending men in women’s restrooms, those of us on the ACTUAL right have been watching. We’ve been learning. We have been praying, not the Cuckservative prayers of peace and love and sound fiscal policy, but for wisdom. For strength. For God to smite our enemies and drive them from before us, to give us dominion over them, for His glory.

While the Boomer conservatives were worrying about tone-policing and debating whether they can back a man who might make the left call them names, wringing their hands and clutching their pearls about how a Christian man ought to conduct himself, we were waging a war. The stakes of this war were no less than civilization itself; if we lost, everyone dies in nuclear fire, or starves to death under Socialist rule.

We took the lessons from Gamergate. That was the FIRST TIME any group had successfully fought back the hordes of leftism and won. We also had excellent hard-right scholars like Vox Day, who systematized the lessons learned into three laws and a roadmap of beating the SJWs at their own game. We had mighty men like William S Lind and LtCol Gregory A Thiele, USMC, who took the lessons of warfare learned from the last 200 years and condensed it into a handbook on waging modern warfare, the 4th Generation Warfare Handbook.

Modern war is an information war. It is a perception war. It’s not about rising above your enemy, being magnanimous and kind, it is about turning popular opinion. That was why the tea party failed; they were trying to play within the rules of a rigged system. The tea party, like Conservatism, allowed their enemies choose all the battlefields, set the terms of every engagement, and be the final arbiter of the victor.

In essence,our nation is playing Russian Roulette; the Progressives handed Conservatives a semi-automatic, said “You go first”, and they did. Repeatedly.

The Alt Right has learned.

We have no leaders; leaders give your enemy a target, a weak point to deliver a killshot to your group. Even Donald Trump is not our ‘leader’, he is one part of a much larger whole. Even if he falls, we still grow more powerful.

We do not tone-police; we’re all adults, and we’re fighting a war.

We use every tool the Left has developed, from Rules for Radicals to the Communist Manifesto, and we turn them against the Left. We have an abundance of genius-level intellects analyzing reams of information, we have powerful social networks for getting information where it goes, and we have powerful soldiers on the front lines shooting down Progressive attacks and carpet bombing their strongholds with truth and memes.

What did we accomplish? Without the news even acknowledging our existence, we got to Hillary so badly she made fighting Pepe memes an official part of her platform, and gave an entire speech about condemning us to a largely bewildered audience. That is ABSURD. But we did that.

I stole this Rare Pepe. Do not steal back.

We also poured over the Wikileaks, found all the little details of their corruption, connected the rabbit trails, and made sure everyone on the internet at least knew about them.

Even being unknown, we won the presidency through powerful psychological warfare and world-class people finding a way to be useful.

And we won. Trump is the president elect. We did that. Not the conservative establishment that was working almost as hard to de-legitimize him as the left with their NeverTrump bullshit. Us. We attacked the media, we exposed their lies and treachery, we made sure the media could not ignore us, and we exploited the shit out of their platforms, their networks, their tools.

We are loyal to our allies, no matter what you think of them. We do not abandon our own to please our enemies’ sensibilities. We are exactly as rowdy, as rude, as clever, and as dangerous as we have to be.

And we are going to reconquer civilization from the barbarians, Perseus style.

I am unreasonably proud of this thing I made.

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