President Trump: Where We Go From Here

While we won an important victory, we’re far from done.

So the Alt Right’s debut on the national stage was a sound success, and for our opening volley against the corrupt bifactional ruling party we broke their control and elected a fun, politically incorrect businessman as president who actually can fix things and do some good. The war, however, is far from over.

Even here in my home state and home county, we already have public servants suggesting that the legislature endrun the public’s decision on a ballot issue with legislation. So if the ballot measures, which are there precisely because the people gathered enough signatures to say “we don’t want the legislature deciding this”, are merely a suggestion, why have them at all?

We have treasonous, totalitarian dictators at every level of the government still, and that is the next work; to oust these people from every public office, every government seat, in every city, every district, every state.

The Alt Right was largely unknown and we still managed to overturn a thirty-year lock on corporate control of the electoral process, we brought low the most corrupt, connected, powerful human being ever to eye a public office, we are uncovering and exposing the darkest secrets of the elite ruling class, you think we can’t ferret out a low-level nobody?

Trump President Hillary Satanist Cult

Trump was a warning shot. We can, and will, defeat each and every authoritarian at every level. If you like to think you’re in charge, if you like to think you’re above the petty concerns of us lowly peons, that you’re smarter, ¬†wiser and more powerful than us, you got another thing coming.

We will retake our civilization. We will restore America to the freest, most prosperous nation on the planet. And if we have to do it while stepping over the corpses of your political careers, we will happily do so.

We are the true Right, and we’re not going anywhere.


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