OCPAC Update: Michener’s Musings

John Michener just posted the OCPAC’s picks for the election on their Facebook page here.

The short version:

  1. Congress, House and Senate:

Straight pick Republican. The alternatives are worse.

2. State Questions:

  • Yes to 776 State control of the Death penalty
  • No to 777 “Right to Farm”
  • No to 779 Boren Tax for schools
  • Yes to 780 Smart justice Reform Act
  • No to 781 “County Community Safety investment Fund”
  • Yes to 790 Repeal the Blaine Amendment
  • Yes to 792 Modernizing Liquor Laws.

3. Supreme Court Justices And Appellate Judges:

Vote No on all Supreme Court Justices. They protected child rapists, sex offenders, thwarted the people’s will on abortion, and banned the Ten Commandments monument from the capitol this year.

Appellate Judges:

  • Judge Clancy Smith: No.
  • Judge Robert Hudson: Yes.
  • Judge Thomas Thornbrugh: Your Choice.
  • Judge John Fischer: Yes.
  • Judge Larry Joplin: Yes.

4 and 5. Oklahoma State Senate and House of Representatives:

There’s too many to list here without simply reproducing the document, so view it here. The Districts are listed with the counties they encompass, so you can do a search for your county to find your representative (Usually Ctrl-F to bring up the “find in page” window).

OCPAC Ballot Cheat Sheet

There’s a lot on the ballot this year, and I know how hard it is to remember everything when it comes time to vote. This ‘Cheat Sheet’ is meant to be taken with you into the booth as a reminder of the things you wanted to vote for.

I have included the OCPAC’s picks for everything except State House and Senate seats because there are so many, so those are fill-in-the-blank. If you disagree with a specific one, feel free to scratch it out and put your pick in it’s place. Look at your options, fill in your pick, and you’re done!

You can download or print it here.

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