Glenn Beck and the Alt Right

The call is coming from inside the house, Glenn.

Glenn Beck published another ridiculous piece bashing the Alt Right on his failing news site yesterday, and it made me laugh enough that I wanted to talk about it today.

First, probably the only thing he actually got right was that the term ‘Cuckservative” was indeed engineered by the Alt Right, and that it is a portmanteau of ‘cuckold’ and ‘conservative’. However, he gets pretty much every other detail wrong. The word is designed by the largely Christian Alt Right specifically to target Conservatives with a Christian background, as the stance of the Alt Right is that pro-immigration, pro-free trade, Buckley-ite Christians are in violation of 1 Timothy 5:8:

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

The term cuckold simply means a man who is raising children who are not his, often unwittingly. It is a man who is sacrificing his own genetic legacy to ensure the success of another’s, often without his knowledge. That is exactly what the so-called Conservative leaders who promote open borders and unchecked immigration are advocating for the American people. And the reason for it is because they are married to the Progressive Left, the ultimate unfaithful wife.

To deny that America as a whole has a national interest, an identity, a culture, and a genetic demographic, is to deny reality. America was founded by Europeans. It was founded on their Greek and Roman heritage of philosophy and Rule of Law, and Christianity, their culture. It was founded on personal freedom, personal responsibility to God, and a hatred of overbearing government. America is not America without those people.

Progressives hate Americans, everything that America stands for, and want to see her destroyed. They want to see third world dictatorships take supremacy because ‘it’s their turn’, and want to swamp the U.S. with so many low-intelligence low-skill foreign people that the actual American people cannot ever hope to regain control over their country, their safety, or their interests.

The Conservative establishment goes along  with this, because cheap labor puts more money into their corporate masters’ pockets, which means more money for them. They believe that the incoming immigrants can be swayed to vote Republican with grand speeches and lofty ideas about proposition nations and melting pots, but that’s simply not how the rest of the world works. Hell, it’s not how AMERICA works, as the overlap between voting trends and population demographics demonstrates very clearly.


This graphic is from Nate Silver and , and demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re divided along ethnic and cultural boundaries, whether we accept it or not.

I’m a bit off track, but it will suffice to say that “Cuckservative” is a very fitting title.

Glenn also claims that the Alt Right isn’t about politics, which is completely wrong. The Alt Right IS politics. Specifically, it is the actual right wing of the nation rising to replace the left wing institution of Conservatism as an actual opposition to the Progressive Democrat party. Glenn is right, this IS about national survival, except he’s got the sides reversed.

The Alt Right, and it’s various flavors around the Western world, is three things above all else:


  • Nationalism.
  • Western civilization.
  • Winning.

Everything else follows from these three premises. It is not a single movement with a single idea or doctrine, it is a groundswell of people who wish to defend their heritage, their culture, and their right to exist. It is about national sovereignty and autonomy. It’s about the right of a people to exist, and preserve their genetics and culture. It is not a conquering philosophy; there is no mandate or even desire to violate these principles against other nations. The Alt Right, by and large, wants Africa to be Africa, China to be China, Russia to be Russia, and Western Civilization to remain Western Civilization.

Note that nobody is demanding Africa take in the Chinese, or the Middle East take in Africans, and adopt a culturally-inclusive way of life that requires them to tolerate things they find anathema. The only countries who seem to have this mandate to be diverse are white nations. That’s what the Alt Right is fighting.

Calling back to the beginning for a moment, this is why most Cuckservative talking heads try to tie the term ‘cuckservative’ to having a racial component. To them, saying “everyone has a right to exist and to preserve their culture” is racist. Wanting white peoples to have the same right to national and cultural autonomy as every other ethno-state in the world is racist. Once you understand this connection, much of the accusations of racism make a lot more sense.

This is also why they want to tie it to Russian interference so badly. The fact is, Putin is for Russia. He would certainly prefer an America that wanted to mind it’s own business. God forbid we actually were on good terms with the only other Christian superpower on Earth. But, it’s not a Russian operation, we simply share the same goal; Nationalism. That scares these people, because they like having their hands in everyone’s business.

Sorry, Beck and company; the call is coming from inside the house. Americans want America back.

From the article:

This is real. And the people on the streets are feeling it. And when we say we’re against globalism, what we mean as conservatives is, we are against jammed-down globalism. We’re against things like the EU, where if you want to stay in the EU, stay in the EU. But if you’re a country that the population says, “I don’t like this,” you should be able to leave.
But the elites have made it almost impossible for you to leave. Okay?
And if you want to leave, you’re painted as a bad guy. That’s not going to stand. But we as conservatives are for global trade. We are for — we’re not isolationists. We are not our country is better and your country sucks, so we should be able to destroy you.
We should be proud of what we have, just like I’m proud of my country — my family. But that doesn’t make my family better than your family.
Globalist is now a term to describe anyone. Notice anyone who is for free trade, is now a globalist. People who were deep — deeply respected intellectual conservatives. Krauthammer, George Will, they’re now cuckservatives and globalists?
Jonah Goldberg is now a globalist. I am now a globalist. That word is being thrown around everywhere. But it’s thrown around by people who are in the alt-right. For instance, what’s his crazy face.

In other words, they are globalists, as long as it’s THEIR flavor of globalism. They oppose any measures that would actually protect the people of the nation from economic harm from outside, like placing a tariff on companies who unemploy thousands of workers in the USA so they can move their labor to a place where they can use slave labor and lax pollution laws to make products on the cheap, then turn around and demand First World prices for those products from the people they left jobless.

Instead of encouraging powerful companies to lobby for less regulation to bring the absurd costs of compliance down, they lobby for MORE regulation here to prevent startups from providing a better local solution, then use their economic power to produce often-inferior goods overseas at little cost and ship them here in bulk, undercutting any local companies that manage to cut through the regulations and actually start a competing business. It’s a tool for monopoly, and only benefits the corporate heads and the government officials who get new cars and nice dinners in exchange for allowing this.

They believe giving ‘opportunities’ to waves of poorly educated, skill-less third-world immigrants who hate them and do not share our values is more important than providing those opportunities to Americans who do share those values and also need help, because ‘compassion’ or something. The fact that these immigrants are destroying the native people and culture is immaterial when compared to cheap labor.

All of history says that when a nation finds itself in exactly this kind of situation, you end up in a war. One side flees, or exterminates the other side. Every time, without exception. It is pure fantasy to assume this time will be different.

Cuckservatives like Glenn Beck want to pretend the kids are his until they turn and kill him for his watch.

The Alt Right wants to fight back, protect our people, and Make America Great Again.

Which side are you on?

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