Civil Discourse vs Terrorism: How We Got Here

It’s not a left or right issue. Let’s look at where we are.

It’s very clear that Hillary’s people are willing to win at any cost.

First you have the fire bombing of the North Carolina Republican headquarters and throwing bricks through the windows of the Delaware County Republican Office.

Next you have inciting violence against Republican events so they can claim that Republican rhetoric causes violence.

Then, the election fraud.

So much election fraud.

Then you have a media that is not only complicit with all this, it actively pursues the shutting down of any voice that is critical of the narrative. Is anyone reporting on John Kerry pressuring the Equadorian government to shut off Julian Assange’s internet so that he can’t keep releasing Hillary’s emails? What about the massive voter fraud mentioned above? How many of you know George Soros considers himself to be a god, and a company that has strong connections to him is providing a big chunk of our voting machines?

And that doesn’t even touch the Progressive activism engaged in on college campuses by staff and students alike.

These are the people who stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders even though he had popular support, and who are trying to silence the Republican nominee through violence now. They are faking polls and skewing all information. There is no discussion, no debate of ideas. Submit or suffer.

This is the force that destroyed the Tea Party before it ever got off the ground. This is the force that prevents the Jill Steins and the Ron Pauls from even being allowed to make their case.

This isn’t a left or right issue. The DNC stole the nomination out from under their popular candidate, just as the GOP tried to do. Now the GOP and DNC are united in thwarting the people’s will for the Presidency, to such an extent that prominent GOP leaders are OPENLY endorsing Hillary and trashing their own base.

Recalibrating Your Sensors

Although I am a full-on Trump supporter, I have more than a few Bernie fans in my social circle. We get along, play video games, and discuss policy and the future of America without shouting and hating each other. We have very different ideas about what’s best for America, but that’s something we have in common; we all want what’s best for America.

Our current ruling class, however, is enamored with delusions of aristocracy. Their concern is staying in control of the levers of power. They do not have the best interests of America at heart. Like Trump or hate him, he loves America enough that he’s thrown away billions of dollars in business opportunities to fight to fix the country. The Bernie people I know love America. Our Governors, our Congressman, however, they love themselves. They love their accolades, their awards, their speeches about fixing things for the poor. They love spending other people’s money.

And they’re counting on you being a coward.

Here’s the awful truth; our own government is a terrorist organization. Yes, your side too. Neither party represents the interests of anyone but their big donors anymore. Laws are made to benefit the biggest companies, not the people. Information is suppressed through violence, both political and actual. Exposing corruption lands you in jail. Rules about discourse only apply to you; the news can lie about you all it wants but will blackout any information it doesn’t want known. Propaganda runs 24/7 to paint anyone who questions the official narrative as a kook.

Understand; we are at war, whether you want it or not.

Do you know why Germany used poison gas against the Allies in World War I, but not in World War II? Because the allies used it back. You cannot win a war by adhering to a set of principles that hinder your ability to fight.

This is why Hillary, the Establishment talking heads on both sides, and the media are terrified of the Alt-Right. The upswell of disaffected Republicans led to the creation of the Tea Party, but the Tea Party suffered from the exact same problems the Conservative Republican party did; decorum. The Tea Party was downright reasonable, polite, picked up their trash, everything they could do to prove they were a better caliber of people. They made logical, reasonable arguments.

It got them nothing.

The Tea Party’s failure was treating politics like a debate. It’s not, and can never be, because there’s too much power on the line. There is a tremendous amount of incentive to game the system to seize that power. There is no law, no policy, no argument that will change that. The progressives understand this, which is why they scream, throw rocks, set fires, lie, cheat, call their opponents racist/sexist/homophobic/etc, in lieu of explaining their positions rationally. They are not interested in convincing you that they are right, because as long as they get their hands on the lever somehow, they can use government to force you to obey because you obey rules and they don’t.

This is why they are terrified of the Alt-Right.

Pepe Alt Right Explained
This is Pepe the Frog.

Notice that Hillary’s ‘explainer’ (linked just above) doesn’t actually explain anything. It’s a sad imaginary conversation where accusations of white supremacy are leveled with no evidence. It’s the same way with anyone who disagrees with the establishment narrative; name call, marginalize, cut off, punish where possible.

From Protests to Revolution

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK

Social discourse follows a pattern. First, most people are happy to talk. We have differences, but given the freedom to do so, we tend to work them out mostly to everyone’s satisfaction. But what happens when that’s not allowed? What happens when a group of people in power decide an idea is so bad that you aren’t even allowed to discuss it? What if that idea is popular with the people over whom they rule?

This is the situation we are now in. There is a consistent, repeating pattern to this throughout history:

  • People get tired of oppression by the ruling regime and revolt.
  • The new people, propelled by popular support, take control of the levers of power.
  • Over time they become complacent and self-serving.
  • They start pronouncing their views as law on every topic, becoming oppressors.
  • People dissent.
  • Government oppresses dissent, imprisons people, propaganda in public spaces, etc. Government allies can break laws with impunity, while dissenters have the book thrown at them. “Re-Education” classes or camps.
  • People have no recourse but to revolt to escape oppression.
  • Repeat.

The political Right was the oppressor back when I was a kid, summed up as the “Think of the children!” laws in my mind. D.A.R.E., “Videogames make you violent we need a law”, and so forth. Society got tired of government trying to impose it’s morality by force, so it turned to the political Left. The Left, in turn, ran roughshod over everyone just as badly, Obama picked up and ran with or expanded all the hated Bush policies, but instead of Anti-drug classes and ESRB ratings, we now have that PLUS all the pet moral issues of the Left.

The Tea Party was the beginning of the Dissent stage. Since then we’ve had people fired or kicked out of college for so much as voicing approval or indifference to the left’s most hated enemies, we’ve seen the erosion of science and education to the point it is no longer able to perform it’s primary function, and it is now illegal to call a man a man, or to even voice disapproval of having men in women’s restrooms, in some places.

Anyone who disagrees with anything the Progressive left wants is now demonized. If you have an issue with BLM burning cities down, you’re a racist and can be tormented or ignored. If you want politicians held to the same legal standards as everyone else, you get investigated by the IRS. If you’re making a polite argument, you’re ignored and lied about. If you expose the wrong truth, you might end up dead.

So ends the Dissent stage.

The Alt Right and The New Politics

Unlike the Tea Party or Conservatives, the Alt Right is actually fighting back. The thing that differentiates it is the fact that the Alt Right does not equate tactics with principles. If your opponent wants to use poison gas, use it back. It’s the only way they’ll learn. Twisting rules to get people fired, charged rhetoric, digging for dirt, the Alt Right turns these around on the Progressives, and does it better. That’s why Hillary Clinton devoted a whole page on her official campaign site to rail about a cartoon internet frog meme.

Is it silly? Yes. But what do you think it takes to make a presidential candidate add something like that to their platform?

What these people forget, though, is that guilt by association pushes people into boxes they may not want. Extremism works. If everything I say is going to get me called a Nazi skinhead racist, no matter how reasonable my words, then how long until I start actually seeing them as allies?

Take for example this image:

Man In The High Castle Ad Pulled
If you don’t watch the show, did you notice the Swastikas?

This ad for the series was pulled because people were identifying positively to it. It’s still hard for me to believe that Amazon thought this image, a picture of a good many people’s ideal life minus the swastika, would generate revulsion. A lot of people voiced their opinion that they don’t like Nazis, but given a choice between a Nazi world like this and the one we live in now, they would probably choose the Nazi world. That is literally the choice the Left is forcing on people like me. I have to choose between a world where a sexual predator can put on a dress and have access to my daughters in the bathroom, or a world where NeoNazis are my allies.

There is a middle ground, but we’re not allowed  to talk about it.

And so, we are on the cusp of the revolt phase. It’s abundantly clear that the polls are fake, voter fraud is planned in record amounts, and nobody attends Hillary rallies. If they manage to steal this election away from Trump through blatant shenanigans, there will be no recourse left but to call back to Thomas Jefferson:

“What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

The time for argument is over. This election will likely change the world.

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